Welcome to the Sci-Fi Pie!!!

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Welcome to the first sci-fi pie! I am Mika (feel free to call me Mike) and I’m a HUGE science fiction fan. I will be keeping you up to date with the latest new in the sci-fi world as well as giving you my own opinion about certain things. For example: I am super excited about The Force Awakens, but I really couldn’t care less about The Dawn of Justice.

    Every so often I will also have a Sci-Fi IRL post. In these I will be telling you about the some technologies in real life that may seem like nothing else than science fiction. But I’m not talking about phones and computers. I’m talking about space-travel  and driveless cars.

    I hope that you will enjoy these and all posts. Every post will be a pie; a Sci-Fi Pie. And I will gladly be your baker. So sit comfortably and get ready to dig into the best pie you have every eaten. 🙂

Find out a little more about me: https://scifipie.wordpress.com/about-me/



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