What actually is Sci-Fi?

wookie warrior

Okay, so for this pie I GOOGLE defined “Science Fiction”. Here is exactly what I got:

noun: science fiction; noun: SF; modifier noun: science-fiction
fiction based on imagined future scientific or technological advances and major social or environmental changes, frequently portraying space or time travel and life on other planets.

Okay, so I think that’s pretty straight forward. Maybe, apart from a few words at the end. See that? “Life on other planets”? So, isn’t that fantasy then? I mean, if that life was naturally born then it doesn’t really have anything to do with that beginning part, does it? Well, I guess they may be talking about how humans get to that distant planet to be able to meet those ‘aliens’.

But think about Star Wars for a minute. I am going to be writing a lot about it till the movie comes out. Remember what I said in the last post about how I love Star Wars? Well now I’m questioning it. Is Star Wars really sci-fi? Because lots of people say it is. That’s just the genre.

But the humans in Star Wars don’t need to get to those planetary systems, or at least they don’t show it. So is this like saying that The Lord of the Rings is science fiction?

Well, I guess not exactly. So come back to that first part of the GOOGLE definition. “Imagined future scientific or technological advances”. So I guess that’s what makes Star Wars sci-fi. The lightsabers, the laser blasters, the TIE-fighters, THE MILLENIUM FALCON and all that. But if not all those, would Star Wars still be science fiction? In my opinion: no. Although, I would still watch it.

Tell me what you think. I would love to hear from you. And I think that the last part of the definition talking about distant life forms is just what I told you about how if people actually managed to get to such a distant planet it would probably be quite the future and we would have future tech. I hope that this pie was very tasty. What’s that? Yes, okay, I will give compliments to the chef. Thank you. XD




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