Sci-Fi IRL: The Orion

The Orion Spasecraft

For about a year now, I am a very proud subscriber of the NASA digest bulletin newsletter. While sometimes I don’t have much time and given a huge list of new pictures of planets, some photos taken by satellites, meetings that you cannot even watch through the internet ect. I am forced to just quickly scroll down with the risk of not noticing the really exciting stuff.

But one topic I try to never miss is the Orion spacecraft. It is already built and tested but I was very disappointed when I realised that not many people actually know about this. I may seem like a nerd, but this thing is stronger than the Saturn V!

And the Orion is supposed to take people to Mars!!! And Mars is over 224 and a half million kilometers  further away from Earth than the Moon. This lack of hype is probably because the Space Age is now long over and people just, I don’t know, aren’t excited about humant being walkinh on the surface of a planet which is only 225 million kilometers away from ours.

Oh yeah, and did I even mention that this is supposed to also take people to a meteor! So hopefully if NASA is right, then by 2025 we will have a mission of a few astronoats going to a meteor, to the ISS and to Mars for the first time ever in one mission. I really do think that this deserved a pie. I hope that you liked it. Remember,  if you want to contact me privately it’s just



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