Disney Infinity

In this pie I am hoping to clear some things up for some people as well as giving a brief history lesson. You see, a lot of people seem to be a little confused about the Disney-Marvel-Star Wars thing. Basically, it’s nothing too complicated. It’s just a bunch of entertainment empires raging wars on one another. That’s how I look at it at least.

It all started in 2009 with Disney deciding that they would want to be even bigger. So, they offered to buy Marvel Entertainment. Four months later the deal was made for a whopping almost 4 and a quarter billion dollars. Who needs that kind of money?

Anyway, so now that Disney owns Marvel, does that mean all the violent comics in Easons are now also printed by Dinsey? Fotunately not, because Marvel was a corporation. Dinsey only bought Marvel Entertainemnt, which makes the movies. But Marvel Comics are the ones making the comics. Phew!

Many fans still got mad though that now the MCU films will be made by Disney, and that they have many characters’ faith in their hands. To calm them down, Dinsey promised not to change any of the character.

However in their many cartoons they have made Black Widow a jerk, Hawkeye a jackass and I have no word for what they did to the killing machine known as the Hulk. Also they started adding weird Disney Easter Eggs everywhere. You know that quote form Age of Ultron “Now I am free, there are no strings on me!”? Well how about you go back and watch Disney’s Pinnochio.

So, I know what you are thinking now. What about Star Wars? Well, unfortnately the evil empire owns that too. They proposed the deal in 2012 and soon bought all of LucasFilm for 4.06 billion dollars! From then Disney owned all rights to the characters, the movies and merchandise. This is why Disney produced The Force Awakens. And they didn’t even let George Lucas write or direct!

Wait, wait, wait. There is still one  more common confusion. How come Marvel is making Star Wars comics? Well these started way in 1977 but they soon stopped being published. But remember that Marvel Comics is still independent. So recently Marvel Comics and a slightly owned LucasFilm resumed their partnership and Marvel once again started making Star Wars comics.

Fun fact: Marvel were so overjoyed to once again have the rights to making these comics, that they were written about everything from the Star Wars universe. Even Chewbacca has his own series. So, that’s How the Disney Stole Sci-fi. This story is also the reason why both Marvel and Star Wars characters are in Disney Infinity. So, I hope this pie cleared some thing up for you. Also, did you see my new logo? Pretty sweet, eh?

disney infinity


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