Disney: What they’re doing right and not.

Star Wars + Marvel = ?

If you saw my last pie you will know (or you will probably know anyway) that Disney fortuantely or unfortunately owns both Marvel Enterteinment and Lucasfilm. Is it for the better? I’m not sure.

You could say that both the Star Wars movies and the Marvel movies will have a much better budget now. But will they? Both of these science fiction franchises always (well Marvel didn’t ALWAYS) had two things in common: an impressive budget and jaw-dropping  special effects and CGI.

But will Disney make their budgets even bigger? They sure have the money but personally I doubt. They only really bought the two companies to have more money, more fame and more places to stick on the Disney logo.

Although, now that we’re talking about the logo, they don’t really put it in that many places where it’s clearly not wanted. I would imagine that the box-office would go way down for both Star Wars and Marvel movies if there was a visible Disney logo on the posters.

Now, for the thing that has been on my head since Disney introduced LucasFilm to their collection. A CROSSOVER!!!! Okay, I’m not saying that in TheAvengers: Infinity War the Avengers should be battling the Sith. Maybe in one of the cartoons, maybe a new cartoon/tv show. I’m just saying that it’s that it’s such and obvious thing to do. Or is that maybe why Disney won’t do it?

I watched a few episode of Disney’s cartoon: Avengers Assemble. I have mixed feelings. I’ve never watched an episode of Star Wars Rebels though. The animation is quite significantly different, but the could compromise. Althogh, then the crossover would only be enjoyable for the little kids watching the cartoons. 😦

But how about this: Disney already revealed plans of a live action Star Wars tv show. A crossover of that and Agents of SHIELD? Possibly? Or maybe the new live-action tv show that Disney is planning for Marvel called Marvel’s Most Wanted? They said it would mostly just feature Agent Lance Hunter and Agent Barbara (Bobbi) Morse, but I’m sure they could slip in some Star Wars. And that they could slip in some Marvel into the Star Wars tv show.

Thank you for enjoying (or not enjoying) this pie. Remember that this is just my own opinion as a Science Fiction fan. Please let me know whether or not you would like to see a Marvel/Star Wars crossover in the comments.



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