The Phantom Cuteness

The Phantom Cuteness

It’s  Star Wars week!!! This Friday (Wednsday for some lucky duckys living in the States) The Force Awakens is coming out! I’m going to see it with my friends! Cannot wait! Hype!

Untfortinately I’m not going to see it until next Tuesday. But there is a slight positive to that. That gives me 7 weekays until I’m going to see it. And how many current Star Wars movies are there so far (counting the new one)? 7!

So until next Wednsday, which is when I will be giving you my thoughts, each post is going to be someting to do with the name of a Star Wars movie and I will be talking about … you guessed it: Star Wars!

So, today it’s the Phantom Cuteness. Basically, I noticed something about other Star Wars fans. This is mostly just from other blogs and YT videos, but I think it’s kind of interesting.

The one thing that people are complaining about the most in the Star Wars movies  is the cuteness level! And the thing that they love the most about Star Wars? The cuteness level! I know, right? It’s weird. But it’s true.

Cuteness in Star Wars is like vodka in a pie (not this pie for sure!). When you get a tiny little bit of it it’s awesome. But when you get too much, you start feeling weird and suddenly you don’t like it anymore. If people get a few cute things, it’s fine! But too many cute things = not fine. So I created this and I saw around how much people can survive each level of cuteness:

Cuteness level 1

RD-D2 He was in every episode and people are just so attatched to him. Most fans can definitely survive, even love this beebing droid.

People who can survive: 99%


Cuteness level 2:

C3-P0  R2-d2’s thrusty companion is also a bit cute, although ever so slightly less people like him.

People who can survive: 95%


Cuteness level 3:

Chewbacca Co-pilot of the Millenium Falcom and Han’s best friend. He really is a highlight of the original trilogy. However he is also a  “Walking Carpet” and once again has ever so slightly less fans.

People who can survive: 90%


Cuteness level 4: 

Wookies  One wookie sure is cute, but how about a million wookies? Some people cannot handle this high level of cuteness.

People who can survive: 80%


Cuteness level 5:


Jawas Theses rummaging minions are cute when they talk, but the do not look cute at all.

People who can survive: 75%


Cuteness level 6:

Ewoks These are almost “wookies” said backwards and these are walking teddy bears with sticks. Extreme cuteness.

People who can survive: 60%


And now the cutest in the Galaxy far, far away!

Cuteness level 7: 

Jar Jar Binks He gets over half of the hate of the the whole saga. People just *spits water everywhere* hate him! He is just too cute for everybody!

People who can survive: 20%


Cuteness level 8:

Cocoa She’s my new hamster. She’s so cute.

People who can survive: 0.01% (just me)


The Phantom Cuteness



2 thoughts on “The Phantom Cuteness

  1. Fun article. I do think it’s interesting to see how attached to / engaged with I can be with R2-D2, but how put off I can be by Jar Jar. And maybe young Jake Lloyd should be on your cuteness scale somewhere?

    Liked by 1 person

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