The Attack of the Thrones

This pie goes by two names “The Attack of the Thrones” or “The Game of Clones”. Do you know what it’s about yet? Okay, so there are a few similiarities between The Game of Thrones and Star Wars. I’ve personally never watched an episode but they say it’s really good. I know more less what the show is about though. Everybody’s favourite… politics.

While politics may not exactly be the main topic of the Star Wars saga. But especially in the prequel trilogy, we have seen quite a bit of it. Having that in mind here’s a brief summary of the political situation in Star Wars:

    Episode one: The Republic is in the hands of the Galactic Senate when the trade federation stops delivering goods to Naboo. This causes Naboo and some other planetary systems to want to turn away from the republic. Meanwhile the senate try to make Palpatine the Chancellor, believing that he will take care of the situation.

    Episode two: Soon the Clone Wars Break out and more and more planets start joining the Saparatists. Palpatine becomes Chanellor and gets power until the war ends.

Episode three: The wars is slowly but surly ending, however the Chancelor does not give up his power. In fact the senate is giving him even more. Many senators and citizens truly believe in him, but in the worst moment possible it turns out that he’s a Dark Lord of the Sith and that the entire clone army of the Republic was working for the Saparatists all along. Typical.

    Original Trilogy: Palpatine now has power of the Empire (no longer the Republic). Now the Jedi and the natural (not cloned) army of the Republic becomes rebels. From here it’s mainly just rebels vs. the Empire.

    Sequel Trilogy: It better be good.

So as you can see politics have been a pretty big part of the Star Wars story. And it better be continued in episode seven. As boring as it may be having to follow the political story, without it we wouldn’t have Star Wars.

Also the politics sort of just make the story more real and, in some ways, more relatable. Writing this pie made me think about someting though. If not that Trade Federation crisis on Naboo, there would be no conflict, would there? Well, I guess the Trade Federation worked for Palpatine anyway, so he planned the “crisis”. Why else woul a trade federation have a huge droid army?  Huh? Explain yourself, Palpatine! Or do you prefer the name Darth Sidious?


                           I am your Queen!

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