The Revenge of the Myth

Yesterday I talked about how politics are an important part of Star Wars.  But this pie will be slightly different. It is g0ing to be about a very important part of the Star Wars community. Myths AKA theories. Movie theories. Every movie franchise with a fanbase has them. Fans are specualting what will happen in the next film and what happened off-screen that we’re not told about. For those unfamiliar with movie theories, it’s bascially just specualtions of what else could have happened with the characters based of hints in the film.

Today I will be talking about some of my favourite StarWars movie theories. Just remember that I won’t be leaving any Force Awakens theories that may spoil the movie. Also all the lucky duckies in America are getting their premiere today. 😦

Okay, lets start with the least likely one. It was created by a Reddit user and it is called “Darth Jar Jar Binks”. At least I call it that. It basically suggests that everybody’s least favourite character is actually the main villain of the saga. Yeah, right. I won’t go too much into detail with this one, but in case you want to read the full article about it, here’s the link:

So, now onto the next one. This is ever so slightly more likely. It says that during the Battle of Yavin, Luke’s friend Biggs Darklighter who died, then became a ghost of the Force. This suggests that the voices Luke hears aren’t actually Obi-Wan’s, but his old pal’s Biggs.

The next one is pretty good and I think quite plausible. At the end of episode 3 it is said that Padme Amidala died of a broken heart. But the medical robots said that the death was of an unknown reason. And when Anakin wakes up as Vader, Sidous tells him that Padme is dead. But he wouldn’t know that unless… he was the one who killed Padme in the first place! And then Darth Vader says the best quote ever from Star Wars. “Nooooooooooooo!” Make sure you visit

Onto the next one. This is one that I thought of myself, but I’m pretty proud of it. Was Han Solo actually a slave? Firstly, he lived on Tatooine, where slavery is very common. This would also explain why bounty hunters where after him and why Jabba wanted his money. Not because he was a smuggler, because he was a slave. This is why he wanted to win the ship from Lando so  badly. So that he could escape. But he was too embarrassed to tell Luke and Leia. I bet Chewie knows.

So, that concludes today’s pie. I hope you enjoyed. Now I am going to have to avoid any articles and reviews of the Force Awakens so that I get not spoilers of the movie.

han solo


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