A New Soap

Star was has had many tv shows over the years, but they have all been animated. We’ve had Star Wars Droids, two tv shows called The Clone Wars and now we have Star Wars Rebels. But we never had a live action Star Wars tv show. That’s what everyone wants. A Star Wars tv soap. Well at least live-action tv show.

LucasFilm announced their plans way back in 2005, but it’s still nothing. Filthy old nothing. The tv show is supposed to be set between the prequel and the original trilogy, but will not be centred around a Skywalker. Sounds familiar? Well if your a gamer it should! Battlefront is coming out in a few days! Yes, yes, I know. Battlefront will be set shortly after A New Hope, but maybe they’re using the script they had for the tv show in the video game.

Well, maybe not. They do say that they are still working on the tv show. In 2011 they said that it might be anothter three or four years. Well guess what, it’s been almost been five years! The latest news was in 2014 that they are selecting a cast.

Okay, so I may be a bit harsh on them. Can everyone see one obvious thing that slowed them down a lot? Disney bought LucasFilms along with Star Wars in 2012! That must have been a distraction. Although they did they did tell us the main reason why we’re waiting so long. They say that they have 50 episodes already written (that’s probably 2 seasons), but because the show is supposed so visualy awesome, that they are waiting for the price of the technology they need to go down.

So chances are that before we get to see a live-action Star Wars tv show we are going to see a few more animated ones and if Disney stay true to their word and will have a new Star Wars movie each year, then we should at least get some good live-action full lenghts. That’s it from this pie, but make sure you come back tomorrow for another pie about Star Wars.

Dirty rebel scum!
Dirty rebel scum!

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