The Choir Strikes Back

In this pie I will be talking about everybody’s favourite… music! BTW Yesteday was Bethoven’s birthday. LOL.So, Star Wars always had the best movie music. But let’s go into it a little deeper.

First of all, the the theme tune. Whenever you hear it you feel like you’re diving head first into world of Star Wars. Next, the Cantina song. This is just so iconic. The is the song played during the scene in the cantina on Tatooine in A New Hope. It is also played durng the best Subway ad ever.

Of course I cannot say that I don’t absolutely love the music in the latest Force Awakens trailer, because that would be lying. It’s epic! Then there is of course the Imperial March that no one will ever forget, although people do get it mixed up with the main theme.

All of the tremendous music in Star Wars was composed by John Williams and performed by the London Symphony Orchestra. Amazing. And even more amazing, Johnny Williams is back for episode seven!

Of course all the music in the Star Wars films has been specially composed for the movies. I mean, the music couldn’t fit in better. And it’s great to hear that the newest installment in the saga will be no exeption.

Every movie so far has had it’s own special soundtracks, but they are all connected by one famouse iconic motif. The Star Wars theme tune, which has appeared in every episode so far. Not only is it in the originals, but the trend was also continued for the prequel trilogy. And now it’s expected to be more of a tradition.

Fans would never forgive Disney if they didn’t hear the theme in one of the films. Especially that nowadays it is trendy for films in the same franchise to all have different opening, closing and main themes. Star Wars is just always staying with the original song. And that is good.

Thank you for enjoying this pie. Today is the European premiere of the Force Awakens, but as I already mentioned in a previous pie, I am not seeing it until Tuesday. So feel free to give me your feedback, but for the sake of the Force, please don’t give me any unwanted spoilers. Thank you!

london symphony
The London Symphony Orchestra.



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