The Return of the Magi

It’s Chritmas… Week! But don’t worry, everybody has already in the spirit since early October. But is Star Wars in the spirit? Okay, so in 1978 they had one Christmas special. But not many people liked it. Especially that it wasn’t even directed by George Lucas. But hey, maybe there will be another Christmas special soon. Possibly in December 2017. Do you wanna know why?

Well think about it. If the first Christmas special came out inbetween the first and the second installment in the original trilogy, then possibly another one will come out between the first and the second installment in the sequel trilogy. Of course, we didn’t have one between the first two movies of the prequel trilogy, but that is probably because LucasFilm was still recovering from the hate that they got for deciding to even make a movie with a a nine-year-old Vader and they really couldn’t afford to get even more by making another Christmas special.

For those confused by the way, the Star Wars Christmas Special was a live-action one-and-a-half hour tv movie. But don’t worry, you can legally watch it for free on YouTube, since the movie was only fully aired once and the only other way to watch it is to get it as part of a promotional DVD. I doubt that the movie even has copyright. It was just a low-budget Christmas Special.

Also I sort of like the idea that they introduced the major charcater Bobba Fett, but even if you hadn’t watched it, you would still understand the Empire Strikes back. So the movie was just a sort of bonus or extra adventure with the characters, which is not at all important for the story of the overall saga.

But why did it recieve so much hate then? Well, probably because it was, as I said, a low budget tv movie. It was not supposed to be a huge hit, it was just a Christmas present from LucasFilm, to all of us.  So that wraps up (get it?) all that I really had to say about the Christmas Special.

And yes, I know. The Force Awakens is an epic movie. I know! I know! Please, I’begging you. Do not tell me ANYTHING about the new movie. I am seeing it tomorrow. So tomorrow morning I will talk about my expectations and on Wednsday I will be giving you my thoughts. Thank you for enjoying this pie.

xmas vader


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