Sci-Fi related gifts

It’s Christmas Eve already!!! Later on today we will sit down to have our Christmas dinner (since we are Polish we have Christmas dinner on Eve). So in this pie, I decided to talk about something somewhat Christmas-y. Gifts. Okay, this isn’t a gift guide. I will just be talking a bit about science fiction related merchandise. First of all, The Force Awakens came out last week, but we have had merchandise for the past year or so.

There is an interesting theory that nowadays big entertainment companies like Marvel, DC and LucasFilm get their main money form merchandise and they use comics and movies as a form of marketing. More or less, this is true. I mean, for the past month, every single shop has had Star Wars related products. The same thing was when the Age of Ultron was coming out and I am not expecting anything different to happen with The Dawn of Justice.

But they don’t only earn money from merchandise when a new movie is coming out. Oh, no. Merchandise is a great way for them to earn money all year round. Let’s talk about toys for a minute. No matter how inappropriate the franchise, there will just always be toys. I can bet you anything that when the R-rated Deadpool hits cinemas, there will be toys. And there will always be toys because of the possibility of making kids fans and that as they grow older they will become even greater fans.

Imagine that a toddler recieves a Chewbacca doll. He loves it, sleeps with it, washes it and everything else. Soon, as he become older, he wants to watch the Star Wars movies (because of his doll), and loves them even more since he has a Chewie toy.

What other forms of merch are there? Clothes of course! Clothes are great for branding. If someone wears an Avengers t-shirt to work everyday, the people that he works with might never forget the Marvel logo. So, that was this slightly festive pie. I wish you a very merry Christmas and of course don’t forget to come back tomorrow for something even Christmas-ier. Be jolly!

Chewbacca doll. Well, bobble-head at least.
Chewbacca doll. Well, bobble-head at least.



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