Would Darth Vader boogie with a wookie?

For Christmas among other great things I got an awesome bag. It has a picture of Darth Vader and it’s captioned, “Who’s Bad?” in the Star Wars font. It’s very handy with enough room for a computer and a big A4 notebook.  Overall, I love it!

But this made me think. Of course, I know that this is just a bag, but would Darth Vader actually say that. Lets start off with the fact that there is probably no Michael Jackson in a galaxy far, far away. But Vader sure did some pretty stupid things. Well. if we’re even going to count betraying the Jedi, he did some very stupid things. He also took some very extreme measures. For example, destroying Alderaan.

But if free from the Emperror’s grip, what else would he do? Well, he lost his wife, his beliefs and of course the Jedis’ trust. So would he still be evil, or would he slowly start turning back into Ani from Tatooine? Personally, I think that he would become a pod-racer again. But that’s only if he stopped being evil. I don’t think that he would become a Jedi again, or that he would be allowed to.

The thing about Vader is that the reason he’s evil isn’t because he’s mad or insane. It’s because he believes in the Dark Side. He hates the Jedi. Yeah, if Sidious wasn’t there, he probably wouldn’t be doing so many horrible things, but but just makes him a more complicated person and a great villian.

And yes, I know. I have watched the Return of the Jedi. I know that Vader does still become good, but I would hardly say that he became good. If you have the perfect position to easily kill the worst tyran in the galaxy, then who wouldn’t take it. He just did the right thing. So to answer the question: no, Darth Vader would never boogie with a wookie.

Thanks for reading this pie. I also got another cool present for Christmas which I will be talking about tomorrow. And check out the image below. I don’t know who made it, but it’s labled for reuse. Since I have no idea who made it, I’m afraid I cannot give credit. It is awesome though.

vader vs my little pony
Maybe Vader wouldn’t boogie with a wooki. But           would he dance with my little pony?

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