Sci-Fi IRL: The Raspberry Pi

I’m sorry, but with all of the fuss with Star Wars and Christmas recently, I didn’t get to write any sci-fi IRL posts. But I guess that now you cannot complain because you are reading one. So basically another awesome thing I got for Christmas was a Raspberry Pi. The version I got was the Pi 2 model B, which is probably the best version for playing around with and learning to code.

But the same company also released the Pie Zero. It’s the smallest computer on Earth with such capacity and it fits between your index finger and your thumb. For those who are unaware, the Raspberry Pi is the smallest computer in the world and many people do cool stuff with it. For example: a retro arcade, a remote control car or even a working microwave.

So basically if you order you get a circuit board with a whole bunch of stuff on it. You can also buy add-ons for exaple cameras and things like that. The Raspberry Pi Zero is, like I said, the smallest computer with such capacity and you can also create lots of stuff with it. The awesome thing about Raspberry Pi is that it’s so incredible, but you can get one for under thirty euro. It sure is adding the ‘technology’ into ‘home technology’.

So, I really hope that you enjoyed this short pi about the Raspberry Pie. Oops, sorry. Wrong way around. I really hope that you enyojed this pie about the Raspberry Pi.

Also I realized that many of the visitors on my blog do not have a WordPress account so from now on every post is going to include a contact form for you to give me your feedback and a poll for you to rate my posts. Of course if you do have a WordPress account I would encourage you to just use the comment section. But I want everybody to feel free to give me your honest opinion in the poll. Once again, thank you for reading and I hope that you stick around because I have daily posts to quench all of your sci-fi needs.

The Raspberry Pi Zero
The Raspberry Pi Zero


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