I h8 Mid-Season Breaks!!! (Agents of SHIELD)

Agents of SHIELD. The show that everybody’s watching. Now that it’s season three, the show’s better than ever! But we only just reached episode 10 out of 22 and the big heads at Marvel Studios ordered a mid-season break. What the heck? Yes, I know. Pretty much every cool tv show is now on a break, even The Flash. But in this pie I just wanna talk to you a about a bit and give you my thoughts. So please be aware that THERE WILL BE SPOILERS OF THE PREVIOUS SEASONS AND THE BEGINNING OF SEASON THREE!!! So, let’s get started. So first of all if you never heard of The Agents of SHIELD, it’s basically an awesome live-action MARVEL tv show which is part of the MCU. It is about a group of SHIELD agents fighting to make the world a safer place. The main characters are Skye, Coulson, May, Ward, Mack, Fitz, Simmons and a few other. Firs of all, season one. At the time when I was watching it, it seemed like a pretty decent tv show. But now that I look back it just look lame. Unlike many other tv shows, Agents of SHIELD seem to be getting even better as the seasons go on. But the first season still had quite a good script and a big reveal that [SPOILER ALERT] Ward is evil. Wow! Next,  it was season 2. This season was MUCH better. Ward came back as a vilain, but there was another war going on. The inhumans were introduced in this season and onther big reveal happened that [SPOILER ALERT] Skye is inhuman and her name actually isn’t Skye. It’s Daisy. Sounds familiar? An inhuman called Daisy from the Marvel comics? Anyway, onto season 3. This is the best season so far according to me. Much more action and all. The main reason this season is that SHEILD is slowly but surely starting development on The Inhumans hero team. The movie will hit cinemas in 2018! Hype! So, yeah. Agents of SHIELD is an awesome tv show. I think that everyone should watch it and anticipate season 3 part 2. That’s it for now. Make sure that you come back soon for even more daily content.

From left to right: Fitz, Simmons, Lincoln, Ward, Coulson, Daisy, Mack, Hunter, Bobbi and May


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