2015- What a Year for Sci-fi?

Wow! 2015 was an epic year as far as science fiction is concerned. Now that it’s New Year’s Eve, it’s time to be looking back.

First of all… Marvel! Thad an awesome year during which they celebrated 40 years and they made 2 awesome movies. Age of Ultron was just amazing and I missed Ant-man in theaters so I’m watching him for the first time this Monday. 2015 also said hello to Agents of SHIELD season 3, a few games and heaps of great comics. And not to mention that incredible Civil War trailer.

Next up, it’s our old friends at DC. They released The Arrow season 3, The Flash season 2 and… yeah. Do they really want to be credited for what they did to tv with Supergirl season 1? But anyways, they also had a bunch of cool comics, one or two games and the Dawn of Justice trailer.

Next though, is Star Wars. Lots of stuff this year. A new animated tv show, new video game and… of course… the one and only… new lunchbox!!! No, just kidding. It’s the one and only Force Awakens.

Sci-fi mainly just stayed in those 3 categories this year, but there still was more. We had The Martian (which I do clasify as sci-fi), Jurrasic World and everybody’s disappointment of the year… The Fantastic Four! I didn’t class it as Marvel, because the movie itself was made by 20th Century fox, but the characters were of course made by Marvel.

So, that should more less wrap up the year. Let me know in the comments if you think that I missed something major and I hope that you come back next year (tomorrow) to see me listing sci-fi for 2016. So thank you for staying with me for almost all of December and I hope that I will be able to continue this little personal blog until December 2016 and even longer.

All of your feedback is very much appreciated. Even if you don’t have a WordPress account or don’t have time to leave a comment, please at least fill in the poll below. It only take 2 clicks and it will really help me with my blog. Once again 2015 was a great year, so let’s hope that 2016 will be even greater. Happy New Year, everybody! 🙂

back to the future in 2015
Does any1 still remember that 2015 Back to the Future thing? We’re supposed to have hoverboards by now!



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