Lightsaber Colours

As you all probably know, there are many different lightsaber colours. At a certain point, you probably wondered what the different colours actually mean. So here I will take you step, by, step through all of the lightsaber and tell you what they all mean. Please note that this isn’t all Cannon, and some of the information in this post is from Star Wars Legends.

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The Hatred Paradox

The full name is The That is like so bad Paradox“. It’s a little observation I made of the science fiction community. Can people hating something, make them like it? Thrust me, it sounds more complicated than it actually is. Continue reading The Hatred Paradox

Stan Lee’s Lucky Man

So, tomorrow is the world premiere of Stan Lee’s Lucky Man, and for once, I ain’t gonna miss it. You may be asking what is this Lucky Man. Basically, Sky approached Stan Lee (legendary comic book writer for MARVEL and inventor of the Hulk, Iron Man, the Fantastic Four and many, many more) and asked him to create a superhero for them. Continue reading Stan Lee’s Lucky Man

The Padawan Braid

It’s the tiny little details and traditions that make Star Wars so special. One of these is the padawan braid. You may not have heard of it, but if you watched all the Star Wars movies, you definitely saw it. In The Phantom Menace, young Obi-Wan can be seen with one and in the Attack of the Clones, Anakin has one.

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