Looking Forward to 2016!

As you should know if you read yesterday’s post, I think that 2015 was a huge success! But it’s not 2015 anymore. It’s 2016! It is lined up to probably be the best year for sci-fi in the millienium so far.

So just like yesterday, lets start off with Marvel. So we have the two main highly anticipated movies which are the Civil War and Doctor Strange. But I will just go ahead and mention the movies with Marvel characters that aren’t made by Marvel. We have Deadpool (Warning! Trailer has gore)X-men: ApocalypseGambit and The Sinister Six. Phew!

That’s a lot! Now lets get onto DC. First of course it’s the Dawn of Justice and the Suicide Squad. But we’re probably also going to get more seasons of their tv shows i.e The Flash, The Arrow and Supergirl.

And now, last but not least, Star Wars will have Rouge One. So those were our three categories, now lets take a little look at other sci-fi films. There will be Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles 2400 DaysIndependence Day: ResurgenceStar Trek BeyondGhostbusters 3The Space Between UsFifth WaveMax SteelPassengersJurassic World 2Terminus, and many more.

Of course, I’m afraid to say that half of those titles I couldn’t care less about. But some I will really be looking forward to. There are also lots of great comics lined up for 2016. I will try to review as many of the movies as I can, and maybe even some of the comics. Let me know what you guys are most excited about in 2016 concerning science fiction.

I am really hoping that this will not only be a big year for my favourite genre, but also for my favourite blog about my favourite genre. Spoiler alert: my favourite blog is this. I also want to wish everyone reading this a great new year.

Now I just want to make a quick announcement. I have plans (nothing officially confirmed) of maybe making a youtube channel for the blog. I would post regular (but not daily) videos about science fiction and all. Also, my New Year’s resolution was to get 20 followers by 2017. Will you guys help me make it happen? In return you will get daily free content about the best genre on Earth. But if I don’t get 20 followrs, then no big deal. I do just want this to be my personaly blog after all.

Once again, thanks for reading and Happy New Year!



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