Toy Story 3 = Star Wars!?!? Part 1

Over the weekend I got the chance to catch Toy Story 3 on tv, so I watched it for the 3rd time. Oh, it was great. But I noticed a lot of huge similarities between this movie and the Star Wars saga. So there will obviously be a lot of spoilers for both in this pie. But I really do recommend that you go ahead and watch Toy Story 3 one more time anyway before reading, just so that you understand it fully.

So, lets just get on with it. First of all, the backstory. The evil toys at the daycare center represent the separatists. They left home to fight in the greater war. So that means that whatever made them leave represent the Trade Federation. Bingo! The replacement for Lottso was the Trade Federation.

When the Jedi (Andy’s toys) arrive, then Lottso is all kind and promising a lovely life in the daycare center. So pretty obviously, Lottso is Darth Sidious. At this point it is quite clear that Woody is Obi-Wan and Buzz is Anakin. Woody is sort of like his master because he was Andy’s toy for much longer that Buzz.

Jesse is Padme Amidala. Buzz falls in love with her briefly during the movie. But never mind, lets get onto the next scene. The first time that the children come represents the Clone Wars. The Jedi lost because Sidious (Lottso) said to execute Order 66. But even before that we have the battle at Mustafar.

Throughout this movie Woody and Buzz argue a lot. Just like Anakin and Obi-Wan. And all of that leads to the battle at Mustafar, which is the big argument that they have when Woody wants to leave. He fails to persuade him to come back to Andy, just like Obi-Wan failed to persuade Anakin to come back to the light side.

So Obi-Wan/Woody escapes and gets in the hands of a little girl. The toys she owns represent Bail Organa and, of course, chuckle represents Yoda. Meanwhile, Anakin is captured by SidiouIs and turned against his friends. Even the two operating table scenes are pretty much the same.

I’m afraid that I already ran out of time, but this more less sums up how Toy Story 3 is similar to the prequel trilogy. So tomorrow I will explain the similarities with the original trilogy.



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