Toy Story 3 = Star Wars?!?! Part 2

I highly recommended that you go back and read my last post first. So, back to the theory. I think that Toy Story 3 and Star Wars have pretty much the same plot, in a way. But this theory is actually pretty possible since both Pixar and LucasFilm belong to Disney. Anyway, last time we left of at where Lottso (Sidious) captures and makes Buzz (Anakin) into demo-mode Buzz (Vader). That marks the end of the Prequel Trilogy.

Then we have the Original Trilogy. All the rebels (Andy’s toys) get arrested including Princess Leia Leia AKA Mrs. Potatoe Head. Meanwhile Obi-Wan (Woody) is working at a Coffee shop in Paris (Living on Tatooine) and he comes back to help all the rebels escape. 2 of them were very helpful in particular. Mr. Potatoe Head as Han Solo and Rex as Luke Skywalker. Han Solo got sent to the box (frozen in carbonite) and, Ok, well maybe Rex wasn’t too helpful with the escape, but I think that he represents Luke because he was the one who turned Buzz back.

When they escape the daycare center via thrash chute, they end up in, you guessed it, the thrash. Then, soon after that, they get saved by the three aliens who represent the army of ewoks that helped them out on Endor. Woody goes back into Andy’s “College box” which represents Obi-Wan being killed, but he then goes into the “Donations box” which represents him coming back as a Ghost of the Force.

I also think that when Rex brings Buzz back, but he is in Spanish mode, it represents Vader being damaged but on the Light Side again. When Buzz turns back to normal, it represents him dying and also becoming a Ghost of the Force.

So, that is my weird little theory. I really enjoy movie theories, so I might make more in the future. Also just a quick update: A while ago I mentioned the possibility of a YouTube channel for the blog, but I’m afraid that a bunch of stuff aren’t working for me. So it will still probably be a while.

Please make sure to come back tomorrow, because there will be another Sci-fi IRL post. Also please go down below and vote in the poll and/or leave a comment. It really helps me out. Thank you. 🙂

vader versus buzz
Vader vs Vader

use the force, rex
Use the Force, Luke… I mean Rex!

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