Sci-Fi IRL: Oculus

It’s January 6th, which means that prebooking the brand new Oculus Rift is now open. If you are a gamer, then you must know what it is, but in case you aren’t here’s a quick overview. It’s a virtual reality headset, which means that you basically put a huge brick over your eyes, and instead of clicking a few buttons to play a game, you actually have to play it. It also has goggles in it, that make you see nothing, but the game. So, for example, instead of clicking to punch a zombie in the face, you need to actually swing and derive a blow.

Anyway, time for a quick history lesson. Palmer luckey was always fascinated with HMVs. But he soon invented a new type of virtual reality headset. So then in 2012, himself and Brendan Iribe founded Oculus VR. In 2014, it was acquired by Facebook for 2 billion dollars. And now, in 2016, they are officially launching their first product for prebooking, the Oculus Rift.

Lots of people will probably be online at the time to preorder it, although it was officially stated that it will cost over 350 dolloars. Not to mention that you need a GOOD computer to run it. But one of the many bright sides is that there will be lots of games available on it. That includes minecraft. And there will even be many games made specially for the Oculus Rift. That includes Lucky’s Tale.

So, I hope that you enjoyed this pie. If you have absolutely any suggestions or requests for what I should talk about in Sci-fi IRl, or even just anything that you want me to talk about in general in my daily science fiction blog, pleeease let me know. You don’t even need to have a WordPress account. All you have to do is scroll down a bit and fill out the contact form, then click “send”.

You also do not need any account to vote in the poll, and that will also be very helpfull for me. I know that recently I have been talking a lot about you giving me feedback, but I am a very new blogger and I really need your help. If you also have a blog that is somewhat similar to mine, I will gladly check it out and maybe we could do some sort of colab. Once again, thank you very much for reading and I do hope that you will come again soon.

The Oculus Rift
                             The Oculus Rift


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