The History of Sci-Fi

The first fictional novel in English is thought to date back to the 1580s and guess what. It wasn’t science fiction. There was a very long time when it unfortunately did not even exist as a genre. But then again, it all depends on how we define “Science Fiction”.

Some people categorize both sci-fi and fantasy as the same genre, although I am strongly against that. Science fiction shows a scientific explanation to everything that’s happening, while in fantasy it just happens. However long ago there was no science or technology, so are those voodoo magic or other mystical arts as a scientific explanation? I mean, Doctor Strange is a popular recurring marvel hero, and he’s even getting his own movie.

like to think of some old movies of mystical arts as very early science-fiction. If so, then we can say that the first sci-fi movies appeared as soon as movies appeared. Of course, if a remake of one of those “old sci-fi films” came out, I wouldn’t describe it as science fiction anymore, because nowadays we have technology, science ect.

But when did the first proper modern sci-fi appear? Somewhere around the early 20th Century with stories like John Carter of Mars. Science Fiction then slowly but surely evolved. National Allied Publications (DC Comics) was founded in 1934 and Timely Publications (Marvel Comics) was founded in 1939. Then in 1977, we got the first Star Wars movie. But sci-fi sure didn’t just stop there. Nowadays we not only have Marvel, DC and Star Wars, but we also have Doctor Who, 2000 AD and many, many more. Of course, currently science fiction movies are much more popular than comics, but ah well. At least comic book movies have been announced THE MOST POPULAR MOVIE GENRE. Wow!

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In 2012, John Carter got his own live-action movie
In 2012, John Carter got his own live-action movie


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