Sci-fi Nostalgia

Sci-fi related nostalgia is there, everybody! All you have to do to see proof of it is to flip back to the final page of a Marvel Collectors’ Editon comic and read the feedback. People write from all over the world explaining their memories of comics decades ago. Of course, if you read yesterday’s post you would know that sci-fi comics aren’t anything new, and people are experiencing a sort of nostalgia of those comics.

The smart people kept their collections, as now comics from the 80s and earlier, as they are worth quite a nice bit of money nowadays. This is why proper comic book stores (like the Forbidden Planet) still have shelves of comics from the 80s and even 70s. People in those times bought comics and read them, but because of nostalgia they kept them. Then when they grew up they sold those comics to pop culture shops and other people then bought them from the shops because of nostalgia. And that makes the full circle.

The people nowadays who buy such old comics are usually collectors, but why did they even become comic collectors? Because of nostalgia!

Well, many people also feel nostalgia for movies. For example… Star Wars! It is obviously easier to miss a movie than a comic, since as movies get older their prices drop, but as comics get older their prices rise. But nostalgia of the original Star Wars movies is probably the main reason why people hate the prequels so much.

Of course nostalgia is great for businesses in the comics and movies industries. In fact, have you noticed something? Many comics from the 70s and even earlier are still going. Marvel is still publishing monthly Collectors’ Editions. So is DC. And Star Wars movies are still being made. Possibly, if not peoples’ nostalgia, many sci-fi comics wouldn’t still be getting published and many sci-fi movies wouldn’t still be getting made.

So yeah, thanks. Keep it up! As always, thank you for reading, feedback below would be awesome and enjoy your Tuesday! Make sure to come again soon, as I publish daily sci-fi related posts around 8am. Hopefully if you enjoyed reading this, you will enjoy reading my other posts, too. Have a nice day!

I am so glad that Luke Skywalker doesn’t look like the yayayaya he man anymore. Phew!


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