CGI vs Practical Effects

The idea of science fiction movies is that you get to see what you wouldn’t see in real life. The best way to do this is with special effects. But of course there are two main types of special effects used in sci-fi movies i.e CGI and Practical Effects.

In case you don’t know, CGI is using computers to add everything, while practical effects are effects done in real life on-set, with maybe just a few computer modifications. I honestly do not care too much about wether they use CGI or practical effects, but some people feel really strongly about it. Star Wars for example, mostly used practical effects, so that’s why JJ Abrams (he already told you, JJ doesn’t stand for Jar Jar) was obliged to also use as much practical effects as possible. And I really appreciate that. So yes, I’m glad that The Force Awakens used so many practical effects.

Another reason why many people prefer practical effects, is that CGI can often look really fake and plastic. I also totally agree with that. If something is going to either look like a doll or is going to take a little bit more work and time to create, guess which one I would choose.

But seriously though, CGI isn’t always that bad. Some examples of CGI that turned out really nice are Yoda (prequel trilogy) and tiny Ant-Man. So yeah, both CGI and practical effects have their own brights sides. I don’t think that either is always better than the other, although usually it is sort of nice to know that everything you see on the silver screen actually happened on-set.

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Yeah, the Millenium Falcon was actually there.
Yeah, the Millenium Falcon was actually there.



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