The Force

The Force is what keeps the galaxy far, far away together. Everybody knows what the Force is, right? It’s is thing that Jedi can use to lift stuff. But is it just that?

First, let’s start off with midi-chlorians. What are they? They are supposed to to be able to connect someone with the Force. Actually, my friend, Qui-Gon will explain that better.

Without the midi-chlorians, life could not exist, and we would have no knowledge of the Force. They continually speak to us, telling us the will of the Force. When you learn to quiet your mind, you’ll hear them speaking to you.

Wow, that was poetic. But wait a minute, is Qui-Gon saying that everybody has the Force, but “The Force is strong with you” actually means that you can contact some micro-organisms, through which you can use the Force? Interesting.

But then again, the Jedi are treating the Force like more of a religion. They meditate to the Force and they go to the Jedi temple. Well, apparently this is all unnecessary anyway, since the Sith can also use Force and we never saw them meditating to it.

But then again, when Jedi die they turn into a ghost of the Force, but when a Sith dies, they just die (apart from Vader). So maybe the reason that Jedi become a sparkly blue ghost, is that they have been meditating and prasing the Force all their lives. Plus, Sidious has been heard saying, “I don’t believe in the will of the Force”.

But let’s talk for a minute about what you can do with the Force. You can: Lift stuff, choke people, read people’s minds, stop lasers in mid-air, stop people from moving and torture people. Since most of them are from the Force Awakens and used by Kylo Ren, here is my theory: Kylo Ren is more powerfull than the Sith, because he actually meditates to the Force. In fact, we saw that happen. He was meditating through Vader’s mask. AWESOME!!! So, as always, thanks for reading this pie. I hope that you enjoyed it. Have a sci-fi packed Friday!

PS May the Force be with you!

Wrong! It is supposed to say "Use the medi-chlorians"
Wrong! It is supposed to say “Use the medi-chlorians”




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