Just like Animals!

I just want to say that the idea for a post was given to me by my awesome dad. I have no idea whether he was joking or not, but here it is. The Animals of Sci-Fi. They are cute, sweet, cudly and they would completely kick your ass!

First of all, you may not realise, but there are loads of animal characters in many popular science fiction stories. I decided to try and find one or two for each of my 3 categories: Marvel, DC and Star Wars.

So, lets as usual start with Marvel. We have… Rocket Raccoon. I like to think of him as a GOTG version of Han Solo. He is the cutest, yet deadliest thing in the Marvel Universe. Well, maybe not THE deadliest, but he’s still pretty deadly.

Now for something you may not have known about… Lockjaw and the The Pet Avengers!!! Yup, it’s pretty much the avengers, but as animals. And yes, this is officially part of the same universe as all the other Marvel comics. So, yeah. Bear in mind that there is always a more furry version of everyone’s favourite hero team.

Now, for DC, I had some trouble finding an animal character, since I don’t read any of the DC comics and all my DC knowledge comes from the movies and tv shows. But I found… Grodd! I’m not exactly sure if he counts as an animal, since he was a gorilla, but on the night of the particle accelerator, he became much more human. But still, I will kindly give him the perks of the animal kingdom.

And now for Star Wars, this one was not hard to find at all…. Chewie! This lovable walking carpet (usually) has the intelligence of a human and the looks of an animal. But it’s pretty obvious that he isn’t human.

So, did I miss any notable animal characters in science fiction? If so, please let me know in the comments below. I hope that you enjoyed this pie and that you will come again soon, as I post daily sci-fi related posts, just like this one. Have a great Monday, everybody! 🙂

pet avengers
The one and only… Pet Avengers!!!


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