The Padawan Braid

It’s the tiny little details and traditions that make Star Wars so special. One of these is the padawan braid. You may not have heard of it, but if you watched all the Star Wars movies, you definitely saw it. In The Phantom Menace, young Obi-Wan can be seen with one and in the Attack of the Clones, Anakin has one.

The padawan braid is a braid of hair which is according to Jedi tradition worn by Padawans. According to Star Wars Legends, when a padawan is ready to become a Jedi Knight, the braid is cut off with a lightsaber by his or her Master. However, if the padawan is kicked out of the Jedi Order, the braid is pulled out by hand.

Padawan braids are traditionaly dangling from the right and are usually pretty long. If you are still confused as to what the padawan braid is, you can check out a photo of Obi-Wan with his braid here.

Okay, and now for the big news…. I am planning to make myself a padawan braid. I’ve got hair growing at the back which I totally don’t need, so a perfect way to use it would be to give myself the official title of a Jedi Padawan.

Of course, my hair would need to grow quite a bit longer. So I have a Plan A and a Plan B. Plan A is that my hair will hopefully grow long enough by late March, and I will make myself a braid for Star Wars Day (May the Fourth Bw with you).

But in case it for some reason doesn’t grow long enough by then, I also have a Plan B. Plan B is that I will wait until late Summer and I will make myself a padawan braid for MCM Comic Con. Hopefully one of those two options will be possible.

So, what do you think? Should I wear a padawan braid? I think it would look pretty darn cool. Please give me any feedback below by commenting, filling out the contact for or filling out the poll. Thanks for reading, I hope that you come back and have a great, action-packed Tuesday!

Anakin's Padawan Braid from the Attack of the Clones
Anakin’s Padawan Braid from the          Attack of the Clones


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