Sci-Fi IRL: The Hoverbord

The Lexus car company developed the… that’s right…. the hoverboard! Inspired by Zemeckis’s Back to the Future II, the hoverboard was finally born. Here’s a little video:


Great, isn’t it? There’s just one problem. This isn’t the only hoverboard claiming to be the first. There is also the Hendo Hoverboard. And guess who got to ride it. Tony Hawk! Here’s a video of that:

So, let me tell you a little bit about them. They both use magnetic fields and the Lexus one also uses nitrogen. The Hendo one was first made by an American couple living in California, but is currently being developed by a whole team of people.

And now to answer the burning question, so which one was the first to be created. Was it the Lexus Hoverboard or the Hendo one? Well, they both came out in 2015, and while Lexus is already a huge company with money to continue developing this thing, the Hendo one is currently a KickStarter project.

But which one is better? I personally think that the Lexus one is. This is because the Hendo one needs a special magnetic floor to ride on, while the Lexus one can ride pretty much anywhere.

But they are of course both really cool, which is why I included them both in this post. I just hope that you enjoyed reading it. Don’t forget to leave a comment or vote in the poll below and today I will be posting two pictures instead of one. The first picture will be of the Lexus Hoverboard and the second will be of the Hendo. Have a very, very nice Wednsday! 🙂

The Lexus Hoverboard
The Lexus Hoverboard
The Hendo Hoverboard
The Hendo Hoverboard


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