Stan Lee’s Lucky Man

So, tomorrow is the world premiere of Stan Lee’s Lucky Man, and for once, I ain’t gonna miss it. You may be asking what is this Lucky Man. Basically, Sky approached Stan Lee (legendary comic book writer for MARVEL and inventor of the Hulk, Iron Man, the Fantastic Four and many, many more) and asked him to create a superhero for them.     I think that this was a great idea, since the fact that Stan Lee created the hero will be unbelievable marketing for the show. Just to clarify, he isn’t part of the Marvel Cinematic Universe or anything, it’s just going to be a Sky1 and Sky2 tv show. I hope to do reviews on seasons.

So, who is Lucky Man? He is a British cop who somehow got golden bracelets that let him control his luck. Basically, the odds will always be in his favor. I didn’t do much research on how he got them, because I don’t want too many spoilers.

Now, I think that this is a very well thought out superpower. It can have the potential for many awesome scenes. Just when you thought that the comic-writers have thought of every possible power, the genius Stan Lee did not disappoint with yet another one.

What are my predictions about the tv show? I think that unlike heroes like The Flash, Lucky Man will work with the police but everyone will know that he has powers. I did no research at all about the villain, but I think it’s going to be someone who has guns and men rather than any actual powers. By maybe I’m wrong.

And of course since the hero was created by the one and only Stan, I will be very disappointed if he won’t have a cameo. I think that he definitely needs to have a cameo somewhere in there.

So, I hope that many of you will be sitting on their couch this Friday at 9pm, watching the newest installment in the world of science fiction tv shows. I have no doubt that it will be awesome. I also hope that you all enjoyed reading this blog. Please let me know what you would like me to talk about. Have a great Thursday!

lucky man
See the bracelet on his hand? See it? See it?


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