Lucky Man – My Thoughts

What the heck?!?! If you read my Thursday post from last week, you will know how excited I was about this show. But honestly, it really let me down. Also, Spoiler Alert

So, I’m afraid that I won’t be able to even do a detailed review, since my blog is PG. Anyway let’s start with the main character. An extremely controversial one. Harry is a detective in the London Police. And he has gambling problems. As in very serious gambling problems. And to make things even worse for the viewers, he has the most annoying accent in the world. I had to watch the whole thing with subtitles on.

Now let’s talk a bit about Harry’s origin story. He’s in his favorite casino and he’s losing all of his money, when suddenly a weird woman walks over. She starts telling him what numbers to choose in roulette, and he keeps winning. Now here I just want to point out that wouldn’t he think that she’s clearly cheating. Or is this just their way of showing how determined Harry got?

Anyway, they both (Harry and that woman) go to a bedroom. Then Harry wakes up in the morning with a golden bracelet on his hand (that he cannot take off) and on the mirror it says “Good Luck”. Wow! That’s his origin story. That’s it. And then during the episode, he barely uses his powers. In fact, it’s just a normal tv soap about cops and detectives, rather than a si-fi show.

Clearly, the only reason why the bothered putting that bracelet in there, is to attract both sci-fi fans and “cops and detectives” fans. But I was very disappointed. This show had far too many issues for me to try to point them all out here. I mean, there was one funny moment where Stan Lee was signing comics, but that was it. There rest of the show was horrible.

As always, please leave a comment and vote in the poll. I hope that you enjoyed this pie. Feel free to come back again soon to read more of my daily sci-fi posts. I want you all to have a great Monday and a fresh beginning of a brand new week!

All is forgiven. Not.
All is forgiven. Not.



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