Lightsaber Colours

As you all probably know, there are many different lightsaber colours. At a certain point, you probably wondered what the different colours actually mean. So here I will take you step, by, step through all of the lightsaber and tell you what they all mean. Please note that this isn’t all Cannon, and some of the information in this post is from Star Wars Legends.

First up, the blue saber. This is the one used by Jedi Guardians. They mainly focus on lightsaber combat, and value the importance of a fair duel. The blue saber users are the best at fighting with lightsabers.

Next up, the green saber. The green saber is used by the Jedi Councler. They have the strongest Force abilities and usually seek non-violent solutions to problems, although they will not hesitate to fight either.

Now for the yellow saber. It is used by Jedi Sentinels. They are alright with using the Force and the lighsaber, but they are kind of like the spies for the Jedi . They often go undercover and they use a lot of technology.

This time, the red saber. You probably figured out that this one is only really used by Sith and Dark Jedi. This is because of two reasons. The first is that, unlike the crystals used by the Jedi, this one is artificial. Also, it works better with the Dark Side of the Force and has been known to break opponents’ lightsabers.

And now for the infamous purple saber. It was invented by actor Samuel L. Jackson, who wanted a purple saber in the prequels so that he could see himself in battle scenes. And although it has never been confirmed what the purple saber means, it tends to be used by Jedi who know how to use both techniques used by the Dark side of the Force and the Light.

And the orange saber. Orange saber users are also usually Jedi Sentinels (just like green saber users) only that they tend to fight more often. So basically, the green saber users do the talking and the orange saber users do the fighting.

I’m afraid that this is all for today. There are a few more, but I listed the most important and most well-known ones here. Tomorrow there will be another Star Wars post, so make sure you come back to see that. Now, what lighsabr colour would you use? Let me know in the comments and have and awesome Tuesday!

A blue and a red saber clashing.


10 thoughts on “Lightsaber Colours

  1. I didn’t know about yellow and orange. I knew the Samuel L Jackson used a purple one, but I also didn’t know it meant he knew techniques of the light and dark sides… intersting. Thanks for that.

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      1. Other lightsaber colours from the comics inclued the grey saber, the bronze saber, the silver saber and the gold saber. the tv show Star Wars: Clone Wars also contains a black one called the Dark Saber.

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