How to watch a sci-fi movie

I might soon be going to the cinemas to watch The Force Awakens again (because it was an awesome movie) so I thought that I might make a nice lighthearted post like this one. There are certain rules of watching a sci-fi movie. Do you know all of them?Now I just wan to say, that I will skip all the obvious Do not talk  or Turn off your phone  or Don’t walk around. I hope that people would have enough dignity not to do that. So here we go!

First of all, talk all you want… during the commercials. The adds are not part of the screening. When the toothpaste and detergent adds are rolling, then you are more than welcome to have a conversation. But when the movie trailers start, make sure that you zip your mouth bloody shut!

Next up, don’t make a fool of yourself. If something cool happens, you are more than welcome to drop your jaw, but please stop yourself from saying anything. Even a “Wow” can painfully remind someone that they are in a movie theater rather than a sci-fi world.

Now, this isn’t as much of a rule, as just something that you have to remember people can judge you by. No, just kidding. It’s something that will tell you exactly what people actually know something about science fiction movies. So here it is:

It only works with MCU films I’m afraid. When the movie ends and the credits start rolling, some people will leave. Those people are known as Science Fiction Noobs. Then when the first end-credit scene will start and when it finishes, a few more people will leave the cinema. These are known as Science Fiction Semi-Noobs. The people that stay until the second end-credit scene are Science Fiction Non-Noobs. And the people that are waiting for a third end-credit scene are called Science Fiction Mega-Noobs.

So as always, I hope that you had fun reading this post. If so, a like and some feedback would be very much appreciated. See you next time but in the meantime, have a great action-packed Thursday!

Totally true
Totally true


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