My Time Gem Theory

There is a lot of specualtion over where the last two infinity stones are located. All we have left are the Soul Gem and the Time Gem. As I have no idea where the Soul one is, I thought of a pretty cool theory about where the Time one may be. Continue reading My Time Gem Theory


Romanoff, Barton & S.H.I.E.L.D Chapter 1 – Welcome back

So yeah, I decided to start a new segment on my blog. Every Friday I will do a Fan Fiction Friday post. In these posts I will be writing my own sci-fi stories taking place in already created universes. These posts will be longer than usual. Today I thought that I would start off with some MCU fan-fiction. This is the first chapter and the next chapter will be next week. Continue reading Romanoff, Barton & S.H.I.E.L.D Chapter 1 – Welcome back

Improper use of Science Fiction

Yes, I ❤️ sci-fi, but sometimes it isn’t used correctly. If a good fantasy movie comes out, everybody expects the sequel to also be fantasy, instead of suddenly turning into some weird science fiction – fantasy hybrid (although science fiction – fantasy hybrids can sometimes be good). Continue reading Improper use of Science Fiction

George Lucas’s Controversies

Many science fiction franchises have an old man who once did something huge for the company and is still a celebrity because of that. MARVEL has Stan Lee and Star Wars has George Lucas. Well, George Lucas isn’t quite as old as Stan, but I hope that you get the point. Both of those people did something great. And while Stan Lee is currently enjoying 5,405,316 likes on Facebook (not kidding), George Lucas is putting up with a heck a lot of hate. Continue reading George Lucas’s Controversies

New Civil War Info!

We’ve got some sweet new info about April’s Captain America: Civil War. And no, I’m pretty sure that this isn’t  a leak. I try to avoid leaks, because I don’t want to know anything that I’m not supposed to know about the movie. As I sad, I’m pretty sure that we are allowed to know this, but even if we aren’t, this post won’t contain any major spoilers. Continue reading New Civil War Info!