The Civil War comic is here!!!

Yes! Yes! Yes!!! It finally came on the post. I got it on Friday and I couldn’t wait to do a post on it. I gotta tell you, it’s awesome! I really recommend having a read. So far I read the first two parts (out of seven) and I’m enjoying it like hell. And don’t worry, this post doesn’t contain any spoilers.

I was originally going to keep the comic until I watch the movie and read it after leaving the cinema. However, I just couldn’t stop myself and I got right into it. As I have mentioned before on my blog, Marvel is great at changing certain aspects of the story, so that people who have read the comics don’t immediately know the entire movie. But as I said, I won’t give any spoilers just yet. I will wait with those until I’m doing a full review of the comic.

For those of you wondering, I got the Civil War as a full graphic novel. It originally came out in 2008 in 7 separate Collectors’ Editions Avengers comics. So 7 entire months passed before the event was complete. And after the event, all 7 comic books were put together into one graphic novel. And that’s what I’m reading at the moment.

Reading the comic makes me beg for the movie even more. And now I really cannot wait until May. The comic is epic and I know that so will the movie. Marvel rarely disappoints.

Anyway, I also have a quick update here. I finally have a FaceBook page! Check me out right here. I will not be posting too often, however expect messages about the newest posts on my blog, YT vids and me just sharing other peoples’ FB posts.

As always, I hope that you had as much fun reading this pie as I had making it. I hope that you will come again soon. Don’t forget that I have a daily science fiction blog. If you could leave me some feedback below, that would be awesome. Guys, have a great Monday and an even greater new week!

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