Clichès and Stereotypes

Science fiction has it’s clichès and stereotypes. When writing stories, it is best to avoid them. But then again, what even is considered clichè or stereotypical? 

There are many simple things that everybody knows are just too common. However sometimes something is seen in so many science fiction movies and comics that we forget it’s even clichè. For example, superheroes having the ability to fly. That is not an original power at all, yet so many heroes have it.

But sometimes it can be very hard to tell a clichè from something defining a sci-fi story. For example, intelligent extra-terrestrial life is somewhat a tricky one. But having a scientific explanation behind something that’s happening is not clichè at all. It defines a sci-fi story and it has to be there somewhere. If there is no scientific explanation, it automatically becomes fantasy.

Now let’s talk about stereotypes for a bit. Many people when they hear the words “Science fiction” they imagine different things. Then when they are making their own sci-fi story, that’s exactly what ends up on the text. So, picture this: since so many superheroes can fly, when someone goes to write a story, they make a superhero that flies.

And so the clichè of superheroes flying becomes even more clichè because even more people picture a flying superhero when they think about science fiction and they put it into their own stories, which other people then read and also imagine a flying superhero. If a clichè becomes even more and more and more clichè, it will eventually become a defining rule of sci-fi, just like a scientific explanation is.

So, should clichès be spread? For gosh sake no! Guys if your trying to think of a story, please, think of something original. Although to be fair, many people have different opinions on what is clichè and what is a defining rule of science fiction. Some might say that even superheroes themselves are clichè.

So yeah, I hope that you enjoyed this pie. If you left me some feedback, it would be awesome. And remember, do not use clichès!!!!

Bowmen superheroes. How clichè…



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