Leia Organa a Disney Princess!?!?

As you probably know by now, both Star Wars and Marvel Entertainment has been acquired by Disney. Find out how that happened here. But today were are going to talk about… Disney Princesses! (Crap!)

There are thoughts of Disney Princesses being added to both Star Wars and Marvel. So, we will look at all the official criteria to try and define whether or not that character can officially be a Disney Princess. (Yes, there are criteria). I have chosen one Star Wars Princess and one Marvel Princess. I have chose Leia Organa and Daisy Johnson.

Let’s star off with Leia.

The first piece of criteria is that they must have a primary role in a Disney film. Well, possibly if she gets an anthology film, but she still hasn’t been the primary character of any movie (she has been primary character but not the).

The next thing is that she must be human. So unless there is so big reveal that she is actually a shape-shifter or something, she’s probably human. Well, an alien from space type of human. I’m going to count this though.

Another thing is that she cannot have the primary role in a sequel. I guess there cannot be a sequel yet since there hasn’t been a first movie, so I’m going to count this.

Next, the character needs to be either born royal, marry royal or do an act of heroism. Leia is two of those things. She was born royal and she definitely did and act of heroism.

And last but not least, there needs to be some weird ceremony thingy-maboby at Disneyland. Okay, Leia hasn’t had one of those yet, but maybe after her anthology film comes out.

So Leia fits in perfectly into 3/5 of those criteria. All she needs is an anthology film and a ceremony. Then she if officially going to be a Disney Princess. Although, we don’t even know if there is going to be an anthology film. Especially that there has recently been a lot of controversy with Leia’s character at Disney. I might touch on that in a different post.

But I do hope that you enjoyed this pie. Tomorrow I will answer the question whether or not Agents of SHIELD’s Daisy Johnson could potentially be a Disney Princess. So long! BTW, please sign this petition for there to be something Star Wars-themed on Michael Skeillg, where they shot the last scene of the Foce Awakens.

You can even play as Leia in 2015’s Star Wars Battlefront!!!



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