The Time Riders

As I’m still reading the Civil War comic, I am also reading The Time Riders by Alex Scarrow. It’s a pretty cool sci-fi book series about a bunch of kids who travel in time. I’m not that far into the book, but there might be some minor spoilers ahead, so you’ve been warned.

So far, this is a great book. The backstory is that in the near future time travel is invented, but people are abusing it and try to change the past. The Time Riders are a secret organisation that has it’s headquarters in New York, but they are constantly travelling in time to stop the timeline from changing.

The leader (or possibly just recruiter) of the Time Riders is called Mr. Foster. One day when the team is coming back from a mission, they brought back a seeker. The seeker killed them, so Foster had to find a new team. He went to different times and found people who were definitely going to die and he offered to save their lives, but only as long as they would be loyal to The Time Riders.

He rescued an Irish stuart from the Titanic. He saved a teenage woman from a plane blowing up and he save a small girl from a fire in India. It was hinted many times that there will be another member of the team… but I haven’t read that far yet.

In between every two chapters about the story, there is another story happening in the future about two terrorists, Karl and Kramer, who want to steal something from a museum in an economically fallen New York. Possibly the last remaining time machine?

I think that the story is well thought out, although there are a few small flaws. For example the fact that The Time Riders are very worried about even the smallest changes done to the past, yet they find recruits by saving people who where supposed to die. And later when they go to the time of the 9/11, Foster says that they cannot change the timeline by saving those people. I hope that this will be explained later in the book.

When I finish reading it, I will definitely do a full review on it on my blog. But I do hope that you enjoyed this little overview of the book so far. If you already read it, please don’t give me any spoilers. However if you liked this pie, a “like” or some feedback would be awesome. Thanks for reading and have fantastic Thursday!

This is the first book in the series. The one that I'm currently reading
This is the first book in the series. The one that I’m currently reading


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