Daisy Johnson a Disney Princess!?!?!

A couple of days ago I made a post determining whether or not Leia Organa could be a Disney Princess. I recommend that you check it out right here. But today, I will try to find out whether Daisy Johnson (from Agents of SHIELD) has what it takes to be a Disney Princess. Also please bear in mind that there may be some spoilers from season 3 ahead, so you’ve been warned!So, if you read the post about Leia, you will know that there are certain criteria to become a Disney Princess. There are five main ones in total. So, let’s get started:

First of all, she must have a primary role in a Disney film. Well not yet, but in 2019 she possibly might. Since the Inhumans movie had already been confirmed, I’m going to count this.

Next, she must be human. Man, this is a tricky one. Daisy is in fact inhuman. But does that count? You know what? Since that mermaid thing is a Disney Princess, then I’m going to give Daisy a point for this. currently she fills in 2/5 pieces of criteria.

The next factor is that she cannot have a primary role in a sequel. Well, the Inhuman movie has been announced, but a sequel hasn’t yet, so Daisy is on a roll! 3/5.

She also needs to be either born royal, marry royal or do an act of heroism. Daisy has been born royal (since spoiler alert she’s the daughter of the Queen of inhumans) and I think that she also did an act of heroism, so this one definitely counts. You’re on 4/5, Agent!

And the last piece of criteria is that she must have an official ceremony at DisneyLand. Well, she didn’t yet so at least she won’t be a Disney Princess until the Inhumans movie comes out in 2019. So until then, you are free to go, Skye… I mean Daisy!


Good job, Agent! You are not a Disney Princess          yet! (what a relief)


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