Civil War Super Bowl trailer!!!

This trailer is just… amazing! It makes me anticipate the movie even more. I hope that you are just as excited as I am. Lets break this trailer down so it’s easier to take in, shall we?

First we see Captain America standing in front of Bucky AGAIN. This one scene has been teased in both trailers now and the Ant-Man end-credit scene. It will probably explain exactly why Cap and Iron are even fighthing each other in the first place. The way it is in the comics is that Iron Man’s side is gets more correct, but they also used questionable resources to fight Cap. However in this movie, it will probably be more controversial and both sides will have different opinions, neither of them wrong.

And as soon as the trailer starts we hear people chanting, “United we stand! Divided we fall!” in the background. I think that 2-liner fits the theme of the film perfectly. This trailer shows a few really awesome things like Tony blocking a bullet from Bucky with his gauntlet and him taking off an unconscious War-Machine’s mask (which could be proof that Rhodey might die in the movie). Of course we also have Iron Man saying the quote which will likely end up very memorable¬†You chose the wrong side.

Near the end of the teaser we see the two teams standing and facing each other at a German airport. We see Falcon, Ant-Man, Hawkeye, Scarlet Witch, Bucky and Captain America on one side and War Machine, Black Widow, Vision, Black Panther and Iron Man on the other. But what I’m really questioning is why their fighting on German airport. We already found out that the whole movie won’t be focused just in the US, but here is my best theory:

Since the team is split up, I think that only one team will get the Quinjet. That will probably be Iron Man’s team, since in the comics SHIELD is working with Iron Man, and of course he was the one that designed the Quinjet. So Cap’s team might steal a plane and when Tony’s team find out, they decide to wait for them there.

Of course this trailer still didn’t show us any sneaky glimpses of neither Spider-man or Agent 13, but hopefully that’s going to be coming up the the next trailer.

So, hopefully you enjoyed this pie which turned out to be slightly longer that usual. I hope that you are as excited about the Civil War as I am and don’t forget to come back tomorrow when I will be doing a full review of the Civil War Comic. Happy Pancake Tuesday, everybody!


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