Civil War Comic – My Thoughts

Straight of the bat, I want to say that this was an awesome graphic novel to have a read of. Any criticism in this post is just small issues that could have made the comic even better, however they don’t affect it too much. Also yes, there will be major spoilers of the comic and possibly some minor spoilers of the movie. Proceed at your own risk.

So yeah, I already mentioned this comic was really fun. The conflict is very controversial and you can see that it really does have two sides. The reader can choose which side they are on. Tony Stark, who thinks that every superhuman should be registered by the government, mustn’t have a secret identity and will be chosen two one of the 50 team (one fore each State).

But you can also choose to be on Steve Rogers’s side. The super soldier who is fighting for superhuman rights and for fighting crime to be a voluntarily thing. Steve Rogers is fighting to insure that if a hero does not want to reveal their identity, they don’t have to and won’t be forced to risk their skin for pitty reasons.

Both sides have some excellent points. Now, I knew that the comic is all about the Superhuman Registration Act, but I thought that the two sides would be fighting over whether or not it should actually be introduced. It turns out that I was wrong. Tony already introduced the Registration Act and it was officially part of the US law. However Cap’s side was like rebels. They did not agree with that act, so they were breaking it and accepting the consequences.

So, how does it even end? Well many people say that Cap died. That isn’t actually true. After the last showdown, Cap was attacked by an angry mob. He was weak and injured so he could not break free. But that opened his eyes that the citizens don’t like what he’s doing. Then he looked around and saw all the damage that he and Iron Man caused while fighting each other instead of fighting crime. And even though he knew that he wasn’t doing anything wrong, he gave himself in, he let the police arrest him. Just so that he could end the Civil War.

The ending is great I think, you just need to contemplate about it a bit more.

As always, I really hope that you enjoyed reading this pie. If you haven’t yet, I very strongly recommend you to read this comic before or after watching the movie. But for now, have a great Wednesday! πŸ™‚

whose side are u on


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