🎈🎇My 50th Post!!! 🎇🎈

50 Posts! The Sci-fi Pie is my first (proper) blog and I’m really excited to have 50 posts already. To celebrate I decided to share something with you that you might find either ever so slightly interesting or just really really boring. I am going to share my stats with you. Enjoy 🙂

I probably spend just as much time checking my stats as writing my blog. I find it really exciting to see how many people read my blog. I am going to go through most of the stats that wordpress offers.

All time posts: 50!

Views: 307

Visitors: 144

Best views ever: 16 (10-2-16)

Most popular day: Wednesday (19% of views)

Most popular hour: 12:00 PM (13% of views)

Total posts with comment followers: 2

Total WordPress.com Followers: 11

Most popular week: Jan 18-Jan 24

Most popular month: January 2016

Most popular year: 2016 (5 times more views than in 2015!)

10 most popular posts:  All About The Sci-fi Pie: From the Jedi Order to the Avengers (51)

Home page/Archives (38)

Leia Organa a Disney Princess!?!!? (13)

Lightsaber Colours (11)

Daisy Johnson a Disney Princess!?!? (10)

I hate Mid-Season Breaks! The Flash (10)

Just Like Animals! (9)

Stan Lee’s Lucky Man (8)

Lucky Man – My Thoughts (8)

The Prequels didn’t suck! (7)


10 most often viewer nationalities: Ireland (126)

USA (81)

UK (25)

Finland (5)

Canada (5)

Poland! 🙂 (3)

Germany (3)

Philippines (1)

France (1)

Indonesia (1)

I didn’t find many more interesting stats, although I found out that someone was searching my blog for “luckiy man theme”. I’m sorry, m8. I don’t do posts about luckiy man themes.

So yeah, thank you so much for 307 views (last week was only 100) and I should hopefully be celebrating 100 posts by Summer. I would also like to thank you all very much for deciding to read my posts and leaving likes, comments ect. It really helps me out. I am quite proud of myself for writing 50 posts and I am hoping to quadriple that amount by the end of the year. May the Force be with you, Avengers Assemble!, Gotta run! and Have a brilliant Thursday.

luckiy man theme


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