Sci-fi IRL: The Laser Projection Virtual Keyboard!

How annoying is carrying around a keyboard everywhere. Pretty annoying, huh? Well what if your keyboard could fit into a keyring. Don’t believe me? Then what if your keyboard was as thin as a laser. You still don’t believe me? Just read this post, and then you’ll believe me.

The laser projection virtual keybord is something truly amazing. Trust me! All it is is a little keyring. If you want to work on your device (as long as it has Bluetooth enabled), you just place it down, turn it on, turn off the lights and a keyboard will be projected in front of you. Then you just type away.

And it’s not one of those super expensive new technologies that only Bill Gates and Johnny Depp can afford. You can get a new one for under $150 USD on and under $100 USD on Amazon! This is truly something spectacular. Let’s look at the pros and cons of it.

Pros: It is easy to use. It is cheap. You just need to carry around a small keyring. It will wow your friends and you will seem very modern and futuristic if you use it in a public area e.g. your office. It’s really really really cool.

Cons: You need to use it in the dark. The small keyring is still heavier than a normal keyring. If you accidentally leave the keyring somewhere, you immediately loose what you spend $100 on. Theย device you want to use it with needs to have Bluetooth enabled. It needs batteries.

Even though there are quite a few minor cons, I think that this is a pretty darn epic gadget to have. I found this review online on the TopLevelReviews YouTube channel. Enjoy:

I present you... The Laser Keyboard Thingy!
I present you… The Laser Keyboard Thingy!




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