Time Periods of Sci-fi stories

When you hear “Science Fiction” you often think of the future and all. But does a sci-fi story necessarily have to take place in the future?

So yes, sci-fi stories (comics, movies ect.) most of the time take place either in the distant future or the near by future. A great exception is MARVEL. MARVEL Collectors’ Editions comics and MCU films always take place in the year that they came out. But is this sort of breaking the definition of science fiction?

A sci-fi story needs to be about people (or other creatures) with better technology than us. A pretty obvious explanation for them to have better tech, is that it just takes place in the future. MARVEL likes to boycott this laziness and they usually think of ever so slightly better and more creative explanations.

For example: Tony Stark has awesome tech, and it could actually be potentially possible for tech like that in real life if one man had such a big budget. It’s still a pretty easy explanation, but it’s a nice sort of original one. Also we have the way that Ultron was created in the comics. He was actually brought back from the future.

So yes, with a creative mind you can make a good sci-fi story set in both the future and the present. But is it possible for there to be a science fiction story set in the past? Could creatures in the past have better technology than us. The answer, my dear Watson, is time travel.

The first back to the future movie is a sci-fi film set in the past. No, I’m not talking about the fact that they had a time machine in the 80s. I’m talking about the fact that they used it to go back even further in time. If people from the future go to the past, they could make the past the future.

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