My Supreme Leader Snoke Theory

Who is the mysterious Snoke? Who is Rey’s father? Today I will kill two birds with one stone and answer both of those questions with a hysterical solution. Oh and yeah, there will be Force Awakens spoilers.

Everybody has their own theories as to who Rey’s parents are and who Snoke is. In case you aren’t sure, Snoke is the big pale guy that Kylo Ren talks to throughout the movie. So anyway, here’s my theory:
    It’s basically that Luke Skywalker confronted Snoke, but failed. however he learned that he has a daughter (Rey) so he took her to protect her from her own father and Luke took her into his Jedi academy. soon Kylo Ren killed all of Luke’s students, however Luke managed to once again save Rey and he took her to Jakku.
    In the meantime, Snoke hired Kylo, because of the fact that Kylo briefly knew his daughter. This is also the reason why when Kylo captured Rey, he didn’t kill her. Snoke didn’t let him kill his daughter.
    Going on from here i think that there are two possibilities. Either Rey knew what Luke had done for her and that’s why she wanted to find him. Or, maybe she heard many stories about Luke and he was her idol, so that’s why she wanted to find him. However, when she was in his Jedi academy she did not know who he was. then when she meets him in the last scene, they are both shocked.
    The fact that she was in Luke’s Jedi academy would also explain her knowledge of the force and usage of a lightsaber. I do not think that this is what will happen, but i like the thought of it. i mostly doubt that they will do something like this, because then it would be too similar to the original trilogy.
 So I hope that you enjoyed post and this insane theory. Now wouldn’t it be cool if this really happened in episode 8 & 9? But for now have a Wonderful Wednesday Thursday. So long!
“Rey, I am your father!”


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