Where can you find me?

I know that I probably shouldn’t be making a seperate post for this, but I will just write about everywhere in the interweb where you can find me. 

First of all, my basic social medias. Find me on Facebook here. I only make posts about new activity on my blog and my YouTube channel.

Find me on Gravatar here. It just gives you a quick overlook of me.

Find me on Google+ here. I use it to only post my blogging activity.

Find me on YouTube here. I post vids about blog trailers and I have a new series called “Who am I?”.

If you want to contact me and be 100% sure that I will reply within the next 24 hours or so, then just comment on one of my posts or e-mail me at mikpe120@gmail.com.

Now for some games that I play. My Steam username is “SciFi Pie1”.  I’m only new, so I haven’t downloaded many games yet. Any reccomendations?

My NitroType display name is “Sci-FiPie”.  It’s a great game which also helps you touchtype faster. Touchtyping is very helpful when blogging. 🙂

My Forge of Empires name is “Mikarnus” and my city is in the US version, is in Dunursund and is called “Sci-fi Pie!”. Forge of Empires is a pretty nifty city builder developed by InnoGames.

I also have a Story Wars account. It is a really cool website where anyone can start a story and others can contribute to it by adding chapters. So far I have added a chapter to a Minecraft fan fiction, Star War fan fiction and I started my own science fiction story called “Eternal Youth or Eternal Old”. Check out my profile right here.

I hope that now you know some places in the gigantic ocean which is the internet that you can find me. Have a Terrific Thursday! So long!



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