Rebel Scum – My Thoughts

It’s a brilliant fan-made Star War film produced by the Blood Brother Cinema Co. It is under 10 minutes but it is really something worth watching. It’s awesome to see how special effects have evolved. In my opinion, this movie has better fx than the original trilogy.

As I said, this short little movie is really amazing. It is about a rebel pilot who’s ship crashes on Hoth and he must… survive. He is the only male character in the entire movie and he is a very clever person. The first scene shows him going up against a turret and beating it like a boss.

This movie has very little narration, because everything is very self-explanatory. And even thought this is fan-made (without much professional equipment) it still doesn’t follow many cliches. For example the pilot never speaks to himself, yet you can easily tell why he’s doing what he’s doing. He’s doing it to survive.

It is also a very creative idea to make the movie centered around one rebel pilot. All of the Star Wars movies are about Jedi and Sith. However even though there may be hundreds of rebel pilots, they also can have very exciting adventures.

It is nicely shown how the pilot misses his family. He isn’t a Jedi and he is allowed to have a wife and children. He takes out a recording of his wife and daughter waving to him, which he was probably given as he was going off to fight.

And I have to once again mention the fx. The AT-AT that appears looks just like an AT-AT from the Original Trilogy.

The rebel pilot soon spots an Snowtrooper and shoots it. When he takes off it’s mask, it turns out that it’s a woman. And she isn’t in perfect form. She is actually pale from the cold, just like you would expect her to be from being in such conditions. It’s these little details that makes this movie so awesome.

I won’t spoil the ending for you, because I very strongly recommend that you go and watch this movie for yourself.  I sure hope that you enjoyed this short little review of it. If you are new to my blog, I post daily science fiction-related posts on all weekdays. Have a Fantastic Friday and a Worry-free Weekend. So long!


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