What Else is Science Fiction?

Everyone knows science fiction stories. There’s The Avengers, The Justice League, Star Wars and many more. But sometimes stories that you would never expect to be sci-fi, could actually be interpreted as sci-fi.

As I mentioned before on my blog, according to me the definition of sci-fi is a story about humans or other creatures with better technology than us. And there are quite a few movies about humans or creatures with better technology than us, but aren’t even considered science fiction.

A great example of what I’m trying to show here is PIXAR’s Cars. I mean, it’s a movie about frickin’ talking cars. Now this could just be interpreted as a fantasy story for kids, but I dare think otherwise. You see, cars are technology. So better cars than we have sort of counts as better technology than we have.

And yes, I agree. The cars in Cars are actually pretty bad cars compared with today’s cars. But they are talking cars! And there never seems to be a driver in any of them, so you could perceive this as very advanced AI. So, Cars already passed my first rule of defining science fiction, which is that it must be about humans or other creatures with better technology than us, but will it pass my second rule?

My second rule is of course that there must be a reasonable-ish explanation behind everything extraordinary that’s going on in the film. Yeah… Cars doesn’t do a very great job at that, does it? Actually in a way, it does! Since AI already exists, we can predict that in the nearby future it will get advanced enough to well, to make all cars driver-less.  Ok fine, I said reasonable-ish, ok?

So yeah, that more or less concludes what I was trying to say. And it turns out that if you look at it from a certain angle, PIXAR’s Cars is in fact a sci-fi movie. Anyway, I really hope that you enjoyed this post. If this is the first Sci-Fi Pie post that you stumbled on, then don’t forget to visit my blog for daily science fiction-related posts. Have a Marvelous Monday and a Neat New Week. So long! 😉

“Hello, I’m Lightning McQueen and I’m a half-cyborg auto-drive driver-less car from the future. What’s your name?”


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