George Lucas’s Controversies

Many science fiction franchises have an old man who once did something huge for the company and is still a celebrity because of that. MARVEL has Stan Lee and Star Wars has George Lucas. Well, George Lucas isn’t quite as old as Stan, but I hope that you get the point. Both of those people did something great. And while Stan Lee is currently enjoying 5,405,316 likes on Facebook (not kidding), George Lucas is putting up with a heck a lot of hate.

Let’s just start off with one thing that is certain. George Lucas did something amazing. He created something beautiful. He invented Star Wars. A community that sci-fi, fantasy and adventure fans can all enjoy. And even though he wasn’t the most successful movie director on Earth after making THX 1138, he still didn’t give up and starting working on the script for Star Wars.

He sacrificed most of his spare time working on it and soon decided that he was ready to begin filming. Of course, I’m not saying that nobody doubted him. But he still didn’t give up. He put together a very talented group of young actors with perfect on-screen chemistry and the 3 original Star Wars movies appeared in cinemas with outstanding feedback from viewers.

However then the prequels happened. As I said before many times, I don’t mind the prequels. I think that they are great movies. But there are many people who do mind the prequels. They say that “It doesn’t feel like Star Wars.” Then he decided to make the first few episodes of the Clone Wars series a feature-length film which was also a very disliked decision. And suddenly people forgot all the good things that he did by being the first person to ever even invent Star Wars.

Before he did anything else that people wouldn’t like, he managed to establish a deal to sell Star Wars to Disney. And then JJ Abrams made The Force Awakens (which was amazing!).

I think that George Lucas just has so many great ideas that he just, in a way, cannot keep up with them. A bunch of good ideas made up Star Wars, but he added too much in the prequels, which is why many people hate them. JJ made TFA so good, because he respected Star Wars for what it is and didn’t change much.

So concluding, I think that George Lucas should definitely let Star Wars go now, but he should not stop  making movies. He can make loads more great films with all of his amazing ideas. But we can never forget who created Star Wars. Who created Luke Skywalker, Han Solo, Leia Organa Darth Vader and the entire rest.

george lucas
George Lucas




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