Improper use of Science Fiction

Yes, I ❤️ sci-fi, but sometimes it isn’t used correctly. If a good fantasy movie comes out, everybody expects the sequel to also be fantasy, instead of suddenly turning into some weird science fiction – fantasy hybrid (although science fiction – fantasy hybrids can sometimes be good).

Since science fiction is very popular at the moment and more and more sci-fi movies are becoming blockbusters and bringing more and more money, film producers logically make more and more science fiction films. That makes sense, right? But what if a good movie (that isn’t science fiction) came out in the year 2000, and they get a sequel in 2016 (because everyone knows that the first movie was so good that no matter what the sequel is going to be people will watch it).

But, wait a minute. Why is it that the 2016 sequel is science fiction and the 2000 original wasn’t? That’s exactly the thing that is happening right now. Old-ish movies that were miles from sci-fi, are now becoming sci-fi because of some sci-fi sequel with a bad script. What the heck?!?!

Now yes guys, I do still really like science fiction, but what’s happening at the moment is really bad. I wouldn’t be surprised if in this year’s “Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them” it turned out that wands are just some weird Supersonic-Screwdriver-ish technology. Although I would really hate it if that happened. That would really suck. And even though Harry Potter hopefully won’t be ruined by badly scripted science fiction, other smaller franchises have already been.

So now let’s just hope that Lord of the Rings doesn’t get a robot addition or anything like that, and please remember that science fiction is still frickin’ awesome and it’s just the times that it isn’t used properly that make it suck.

I really hope that you enjoyed this short little post and thank you very much for taking your time to read it. There is a new sci-fi-related post on every weekday of the year. And i am currently very happy of not missing a single weekday since I began blogging. Have a Terrific Thursday. So long! 🙂 😉 🙂

harry potter
I can bet you absolutely anything that there is a small time machine in that case!


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