My Time Gem Theory

There is a lot of specualtion over where the last two infinity stones are located. All we have left are the Soul Gem and the Time Gem. As I have no idea where the Soul one is, I thought of a pretty cool theory about where the Time one may be.

First of all, let’s recap all of the Infinity Stones that we have already seen. We know that the Space Gem was found inside of the Tesseract (Avengers), the Reality Gem was found inside of the Aether (Thor: Dark World), the Power Gem was found inside of the Orb (Guardians of the Galaxy) and the Mind Gem was found inside of Loki’s Scepter (Age of Ultron).

There is a certain pattern. All of the Infinity Stones were found inside of other objects. My theory is that S.H.I.E.L.D had the Time Gem all along, but they didn’t even know about it. I think that it is located inside of Nick Fury’s Toolbox. It would make some much sense! After all, how is it even powered? By an Infinity Stone!!! So possibly, Nick’s Toolbox could even be used to travel in time or to stop time. Interesting, huh?

There is another fan-theory that supports mine. It basically says that Thanos’s name is an acrostic of all of the Infinity Stones’ locations. Look at the image below to know what I mean. So anyway. The letter “N” in his name could potentiallly stand for “Nick Fury’s Toolbox”.

Now yes, I know that the one for “S” wasn’t “Loki’s Sceptre”, it was just “Sceptre”, but that’s what they referred to it in Age of Ultron. They referred to it as the Sceptre. But they pretty much always refer to Nick Fury’s Toolbox as “Nick Fury’s Toolbox”.

So I really hope that you enjoyed this little theory that I created. The Oscars were announced last night. Unofrtunately not a single MARVEL film got an award. Even the Force Awakens was left awardless!!!!

infinity stones
Image Credity: iccan92



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